Liberty Jazz clients may choose to pay for a product or service using a major credit card and the safe, secure process provided by PayPal.
To begin the payment process complete the following three steps:
  1. In the first space enter a description of what you are paying for, e.g. "Jazz Band on New Year's Eve" or "Music at our wedding" or "PA System in the Ballroom". This will appear later on your credit card statement.
  2. In the second space enter the amount by which you'd like your credit card debited. Note that non-US clients may be charged an additional small fee by PayPal.
  3. Click "Begin" to enter the realm of PayPal. Note that there will be plenty of opportunity to cancel later on.
Describe the product or service which you are funding
Enter the dollar amount of the funds to be transferred
click to begin the funding process with PayPal