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Piano Teacher

My teaching career began back in the UK where from 1988 to 1990 I taught piano, jazz theory and improvisation at Chichester College of Technology. These performing arts students were mostly young adults and I remember fondly those first experiences of coaxing jazz solos out of newcomers to the style! Now that I'm very much immersed in the lives of my own kids, who are now at high school, I find I also get great gratification from coaching wonderful performances from all my young beginners. I also teach adults and advanced players,



My philosophy is that learning an instrument needs to be FUN, and students need to relate to the music they're playing. Whenever possible I transcribe their favorite tunes, whether it's movie themes like Star Wars and Harry Potter or hits by Cold Play and Foo Fighters, so we can study and learn them together. I teach the essential skills of listening, reading music, performance technique, music harmony and theory, and having had an uninterrupted career as a full time professional jazz musician since 1986 I specialize in jazz. Thought you'd never improvise? I can get you swingin' in no time!