Quality Musical Performance & Instruction


Eli's mom:

"Richard Hall has the all too rare combination of being a fabulous professional musician and a fun-loving and highly-engaging piano teacher. This is the second teacher our 10 year old son Eli has had, and the contrast is remarkable. Eli now looks forward to his lessons, which Richard tailors to fit his particular musical interests. Yet Richard insists on the basics, and he is turning his students into fabulous young musicians."

Helen's mom:

"Thank you so much for being so accommodating and wonderful to Helen. I remember dreading my piano lessons when I was a kid (of course, I was a teen and dreaded nearly everything) and it's wonderful for her to feel so confident and excited to play and practice and meet with you - it says a lot about you as a teacher."

Steve's wife:

"Steve says he learned more in that one lesson than a years worth of lessons when he was a kid!"

Aidan's mom:

"There was definitely a smile on his face on our way back home after the lesson."

Bernadette (pre-school teacher):

"You've made this so much fun, thanks for your guidance and patience!"

Bruce (copy editor):

I really enjoyed the session last night... absolutely BRILLIANT! Wow.